So, Leah on The Offbeat follows Leah from the Simon VS. book as she struggles with her sexuality, or more accurately how to tell her friends about this. Leah knows she’s Bisexual, but up to this point hasn’t told anyone aside from her mother. Knowing this really puts some different things from Simon VS into perspective. For example, it always seemed as though Leah was avoiding Abby because she straight up hated her for dating Nick, but now that doesn’t quite seem the case.

I really enjoyed this book. Leah is such a quirky, relatable character even if you’re not dealing with issues surrounding your sexuality. She is just so perfectly awkward it’s almost impossible not to want to just grab her and hug her so tight (even though I don’t think she’d be impressed with that).

In the end I gave this book 4.5 stars. I loved it from beginning to end, as I said. However, I found that the ending was really rushed. I felt that there really could have been a lot more to happen, as well as some fallout between the characters. It seemed as though it took the whole book to actually get to this moment you’re waiting for and then BANG, done. But, regardless Becky Albertalli has yet to disappoint and I am patiently awaiting her newest book “What if it’s us” with Adam Silvera.

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