(Art from Redbubble)

I recently read this series. And I am normally not a sci-fi fan but OH. MY. GOD – if you haven’t read these you are missing out!!!

I flew through all three books within about 2 weeks, and loved every single second. I read them in a combination of hard copy and audiobook. The audiobooks where awesome.

I would love to read more from these characters, and I am devastated that the series is over – but seriously, if you haven’t picked these up yet DO IT.

One thought on “Illuminae

  1. Also totally not a scifi fan. Or so I thought? I usually avoided anything even remotely to do with science fiction but when I saw the format of these books, I just had to try them. Ever since I know I can totally LOVE science fiction. In books. Movies? That’s still a huge nope, haha. 😀


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