Finished this book up yesterday. Another 4.5 stars in my book! I really enjoyed this one. The relationship between Eliza and Wallace was so adorable. The take on mental health in regards to anxiety and panic attacks was realistic and relatable if you’ve ever gone through that type of thing.

I really enjoyed the development, however small, of Eliza’s relationship with her brothers, Sully and Church. It warmed my heart into a jiggling pile of mush. The way they totally surprised her by knowing all about her webcomic Monsterous Sea and explaining to her parents (heatedly I might add) exactly the damage they had cause by outing Eliza to the town paper in her graduation paragraph. I wanted them as my own brothers in that moment.

I felt all kinds of emotions when Eliza sat in her car starring out over Wellhouse Turn, a well known place in the community that claims many lives and is featured in the town paper every year. Wallace coming and grabbing her out of the vehicle took my heart and squeezed it so tight. Ugh, THE FEELS. JESUS.

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