Really enjoyed this, although I feel like it was dragged out more than necessary. Could’ve done with about 50 less pages.

I felt as though once they got to East River everything was really rushed. There was so much leading up to this and then BAM! They’re here, Ruby’s learning about her ability, Clancy’s a grade A dick (not shocked), Zu up and leaves and then the PSFs show up? Just A LOT in what seemed could’ve almost begun a second novel, in my opinion anyway.

The ending killed me. Absolutely have to read the second instalment now and find out if somehow Liam can remember Ruby. And what the hell

happened to Chubs! Sooo many questions.

I ended up finishing this in audiobook as I’ve been sooo sick the last 3 days. It wasn’t my favourite certainly. I was so thrown off by Liam’s accent *cringe*

Leave your thoughts if you’ve read The Darkest Minds yourself! Planning on starting the second on audio in the next few days, as well as Stephen Kings new book, The Outsider.

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