So, This is going to be my first of many Owlcrate Unboxings!


Check them out if you haven’t already! They provide monthly YA reads with exclusive covers, that are SIGNED by the author, as well as a bunch of extra bookish goodies!! I’ve been receiving OwlCrates monthly for almost a year now, and I would not be able to go without. They are awesome! They also have a pretty rad Booktube page, and do live facebook chats about the books they send out each month!


Sooo, without further adue, let’s dive into it!!



June 2018 Theme: SUMMER LOVIN’

Jam-packed in this months OwlCrate is : An Exclusive microfiber towel from, Stella Bookish Art


ISN’T IT GORGEOUS?! I AM OBSESSED. How could you not be!

Next, we have (my favorite item in the box) this gorgeous mason jar mug!!! This is the perfect summer mug to take wherever you go! This item was designed exclusively by Michelle Gray and Team OwlCrate!! (the box is super cute too)

Next up is this awesome tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. I’ve had their Tea’s before, and they are to die for!! These teas come in cute little tea bags, and are I believe able to either be a cold, or warm tea (perfect to use in the mason jar!!)


Next up we have this STUNNING wooden bookmark from, Ink and Wonder. Again, I received another of these in a previous OwlCrate and they are amazing quality, and truly beautiful.  Also, included was this adorable cactus pen from BC Mini. It is so freakin’ cute!!

And last but not least, we have .. dun, dun, dunnnnn.. THE BOOK
The book included in this months OwlCrate is From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. This is a signed copy, with a cover that is exclusive to OwlCrate. I am super excited about this one and have been wanting to read it since I heard about it earlier in the year! I haven’t gotten around to reading When Dimple met Rishi yet, although it’s been on my shelf and TBR for some time now #bookwormproblems ; so at least now I can read both of Sandhya Menon’s novels together 🙂


So I hope you enjoyed this little unboxing, I’m going to attempt to make this a monthly thing when I receive the boxes. If this is your first time hearing of OwlCrate, or you’ve heard about them and just never checked them out before, I highly recommend doing so. They offer an awesome product that never fails to disappoint!





  1. Oh, that towel and mason jar mug! Definitely love those items!
    I had a feeling about the book. I’ve only gotten OwlCrate once – shipping is way expensive to Europe – and I keep postponing on ordering a second one, hah. In this case, I simply wasn’t interested in the book since When Dimple Met Rishi didn’t live up to my expectations but.. I’m definitely jealous of those goodies you got! 😀


    1. I hear you! Some of the books I’ve gotten aren’t really my thing, but the goodies are always awesome!!

      That’s too bad about the shipping though, can understand why you’d be apprehensive haha


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