Recently, I was lucky enough to get a super early ebook copy of debut author, Lizzy Masons new book, The Art of Losing. I am so thankful to both the publisher for allowing me to read this, and Lizzy Mason for writing the book, because, wow.

I have not enjoyed a book and it’s characters that much in like, a really, really long time. From the budding romance of Harley and Raf, to the tumultuous flashbacks to Harley and her former boyfriend.

The story starts out with Harley at a party, and you can tell shit is just messy. Harley walks in on her sister, Audy and boyfriend Mike, and madness ensues. Flash forward to the morning, Harley’s sister Audy is in hospital with a traumatic brain injury because she had been in a car accident the night before. Turns out when Harley left upset, Audys only other option to get home, was Mike, who was drunk, and wound up getting t-boned by another vehicle. So now with Audy in a coma and Mike headed off to a court mandated 30 rehab program, Harley is left to figure out her feelings about this whole mess relatively on her own.

What follows is a beautiful story about forgiveness, strength and finding yourself.

The Art of Losing comes out on February 19th, 2019 – and I seriously recommend you pick it up!

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