It’s time for July’s “strange and unusual” OwlCrate Uboxing!!! This months box was right up my alley! I loved all of the items this month, they were so creepy and awesome. And the book included (I’ll keep that a surprise until the end) is one that I have been wanting to read, and have heard a lot of awesome things about. OwlCrate never disappoints, but I freakin’ loved this months box.

First of all, look at the graphic for this months box?!? LOVE IT. It comes with this really cool skull pin, which is awesome. I seriously wish more of their boxes where a little creepy, to bed honest.

Next (and I apologize for the shitty picture, I really should have taken the friggin’ plastic off it) is this awesome Miss Peregrine’s inspired pennant flag that was created exclusively for OwlCrate by Risa Rodil. I currently have this up on the wall in my reading room, and it looks awesome. I love getting bookish stuff! Then we have this awesome pack of mints in a Ouija Board tin. That’s pretty cool, although I am absolutely against Ouija boards, and would never allow one in my house (no thank-you, Demons) this is so awesome.

Ughhhhhh, I got Dustin! Bless! I adore Stranger Things, so I’m super thrilled with this key chain! Seriously, if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, go watch it now, and get out from under your rock! Next we have these adorable pushpins in the shape of skulls! They work so well with my pin board (also in my reading room).


I’m actually obsessed with this Luna Lovegood sticker. Can we just admire this for a second, like seriously? TJ Lubrando knocked this one out of the park and I am so, so thrilled to have it.

Annnnd the final two goodies in this box (aside from the book, OBV.) are this amazing print by Aun-Juli Riddle and this super cute wallet designed by Reverie Ink (it’s huge and you can fit your phone inside it. I have an iPhone 7 and it fits perfectly, with room)



And here we have the book (I know I included this in my last haul post, oops!) My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. My Plain Jane is a retelling of Jane Eyre, but with a little paranormal twist thrown in. I honestly haven’t read Jane Eyre (I know, I know) but this so amazing, and who knows maybe once I read this I’ll get the itch to read the classic it’s based on?



That’s a wrap for this months unboxing. Are you an OwlCrate subscriber? What do you think of the items in this months box? Let me know in the comments below!

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