Does anyone else have this problem?

I am so terrible at starting/finishing series. Right now I have like maybe 15 series on my shelves that are either unfinished or not started. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

I just made a BookOutlet/Indigo order and there’s the start of a new series in there too! (Mind you, I received the sequel on NetGalley so I obviously need the first one now, right?! Right.)

I’m so conflicted. I made a TBR jar about two months ago, since then I have acquired even more books/ARCs and do the jar has totally fallen through the cracks.

My plan, however, is to commit to reading at least 5 of the next in order books from the series that I haven’t finished. These are the hopeful contenders:

The follow up to the Mara Dyer trilogy which I read last year and loved. I got this on BookOutlet a few months ago, and seriously need to get to it. The next book is out soon 😩

If there is one series that I can say is my favourite (aside from Harry Potter, of course) it’s Gone by Michael Grant. I am ashamed of myself for not having read this yet.

Thunderhead. Duh. I also really, really want to read more Neal Shusterman in general.

I literally preordered this and I STILL HAVE NOT READ IT. Jesus, what is my issue.

Yet another I am slightly embarrassed to say I have yet to get around to, *sigh*

So, yeah. That’s a few of the series I hope to continue in 2018 and hopefully I’ll accomplish this. Fingers crossed 🤞

Do you have this problem too? I know I can’t be alone on this #readingproblems

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