The Art Of Losing By Lizzy Mason

Recently, I was lucky enough to get a super early ebook copy of debut author, Lizzy Masons new book, The Art of Losing. I am so thankful to both the publisher for allowing me to read this, and Lizzy Mason for writing the book, because, wow. I have not enjoyed a book and it's characters … Continue reading The Art Of Losing By Lizzy Mason

True Crime Collection

I'm a huge¬†True Crime fan. I love serial killers, unsolved crimes, forensic files, anything and everything that has to do with True Crime. I also enjoy the scattered "Missing 411" article/documentary (if you don't know what this is, I suggest checking the documentary out). I figured, since I've got a half decent collection of True … Continue reading True Crime Collection

Netflix Book Tag

So, technically I wasn't "tagged" in this, buuut I seen Lily's @sprinkle of dreams and thought it was pretty cool, and wanted to try it for myself! So, here goes. Also, again, sorry about formatting again, still don't have my laptop charger as I've been hold up in bed due to a bad back (I … Continue reading Netflix Book Tag