I finally finished this last night. Things have been a little… off? lately, so I haven’t been reading as much. I enjoyed this book right up until the end, and that was disappointing.


The Grip of It, by Jac Jemc centres around a young couple James and Julie. The pair are moving out of the city in the wake of James gambling addiction, and find a beautiful (too good to be true) house in a small town about an hour outside of the city, only to learn that there is a lot more to this house than meets the eye.

This novel was a real slow burner. It was creepy in all the best ways and had my skin crawling at times. I do really wish that the ending had been different since I enjoyed the story so much. There were a few in discrepancies that annoyed me, but don’t all stories have them? I felt attached to James and Julie and was really rooting for them to figure it out. The details of emotions really made me feel as though I was part of it.

I think this would have been a better rating for me if, again, it wasn’t for the ending. Endings should really clue up a story, but this just left everything hanging out with no real answers or conclusion.

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