Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

I’ve just finished Broken Things by Lauren Oliver, and now I kind of want to go to Lovelorn, not gonna lie.


This is the first Lauren Oliver novel that I have read, and I fully intend to pick up some more of her stuff. I just loved her writing.

Broken Things centers around a group of 4 friends. The story takes place five years after Summer is horrifically murdered, and  Mia, Brynn and Owen have been tortured in this small town for being accused of the murder. The story brings you back and forth between current time, and the time before Summer was killed. During the five year anniversary of Summer’s death the 3 friends all end up in town at the same time, having been away for the most part to try and get away from the small town of Twin Lakes and the hatred the towns people have for them. During this time the 3 band together to figure out what really happened back then, and try and piece the puzzle together to finally find closure.


I loved Oliver’s descriptions. They had me laughing and crying, as well as nodding my head for being so spot on. She describes feelings in a way that lays them bare, and makes them understandable.


Highly recommend picking Broken Things up – It’s on sale today!!


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