Favorite Booktubers

So, in the last year or so I have gotten really into Booktube. A lot of this stuff has been new to me in the last few years, but Booktube is definitely one of my favorite new things! There are a few Booktubers that I constantly wait for new content from because I just love hearing their recommendations, as well as their reviews and TBRs. I want to give them some hype here, and hopefully you’ll check them out and enjoy them just as much as I do!


Natasha at myreadingisodd

I discovered Natasha a few months ago. I initially found her channel because of a video she had posted talking about her Stephen King collection. Natasha collects the editions that came out with the colorful spines (I’m terrible and can’t remember the actual publisher for these, and really don’t want to look it up right now). After watching this video I started going through all of her others and really enjoyed them. I have a lot of similar tastes in reading and so I found her reviews, TBR’s and recommendations perfect for me. If you’re into horror, young adult and a hilarious host with awesome hair, check her out!


Kayla at Booksandlala

I’m pretty sure Kayla has been around on Booktube forever and a day. She hosts a lot of read a thons and does a lot of reviews. I love her recommendations, as she also has a lot of the same reading tastes as what I do. I’ve added a lot of books to my own TBR due to things that she’s either recommended, or reviewed. She always has a lot of great content and I look forward to it weekly.


Emma at emmmabooks

Emma is another one of my favorite Booktube personalities. Although she reads a little bit more fantasy than I do I always look forward to her reviews and recommendations. Again, she has been on Booktube for quite awhile and is fairly well known. She has a lot of extra videos on top of the usual TBR’s and reviews that I always look forward to watching.



Hailey at Hailey in Bookland

Hailey is the last Booktuber I’m going to mention, she’s another of my favorites that I look forward to. I love her spirit and could listen to her talk for hours. Again, she’s another one that reads a lot more fantasy than I do, but her content is just way too good to not watch.


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