So as you all know I’ve been trying my best to get some spooky reads in this month. So far, so good. Here’s the review for my latest read!

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Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, Anthology.

As most of you probably know, an Anthology usually has an array of different stories, often with different authors as well. I finished this collection, and enjoyed most of the short stories inside. I’m only going to touch base here with a few that really stood out to me, and touch a bit on some others as well. Unfortunately there were several stories in this anthology that weren’t really my thing. I tried to read them, but decided to just skip ahead and read on.

A few of my favorite stories include:

In The Forest Dark and Deep, by Carrie Ryan

I’m usually not huge on retellings but I enjoyed this one. Most likely due to the creepy nature of the story. In the Forest Dark and Deep is a short story inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This story was super creepy and I loved it. It gave a whole new vibe for me on tea parties and Alice in general. Also, having recently read Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is made me think of Lovelorn. As it’s a short story I won’t write too much for fear of spoiling it for someone else, just a quick little look. Cassidy starts out our story as a young 7 year old girl who loves Alice in Wonderland, however the story takes a dark and twisted turn on the tale when in the clearing across from her home where she often likes to throw pretend tea parties she meets The March Hare. He lives here, and she has impeded upon his home, Cassidy’s life will be forever changed.

Ugh, so gruesome. I loved this one!!!

The Flicker, The Fingers, The Beat, The Sigh, by April Genevieve Tucholke

This one was based on I Know What You Did Last Summer. The movie was fresh in my mind because I had only watched it the week before so as soon as it began I knew exactly where it was going, however, I still really enjoyed the twist that April put on it. Instead of an unknown male victim the person was known to the teenagers driving the care, and had an unfortunate link to them as well. Another great short out of this anthology!


The Girl With No Face, by Marie Lu

I loved this story for more reasons than one. I can’t really go into detail on that because if I did I’d totally spoil the story. But let me tell you, karma is one helluva bitch in this story.

Sleepless, by Jay Kristoff

Okay, so. The twist in this short story I did not see coming and it was so, so good. I expected something good as soon as I seen it was Jay Kristoff that wrote it, and I was not disappointed.


Many of the shorts in this anthology I wish there was a full novel for, Fat Girl With a Knife being one of them. I loved the main character in the short time I got to spend with her. I felt this was about a lot of stories throughout and I think this has set the path for me to look into reading some more anthologies.

Have you read any good Horror lately? Any good anthologies? Let me know in the comments below!

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