I recently read Stephen King’s new novel. I had pre-ordered it months ago, and actually completely forgot that it was coming. It was a great surprise!

download (20)

For such a short story (only 146 pages) this book actually made me feel a lot. It was weird, as is the usual for King, however the message was one I seldom see with his works. The story is about a man named Scott, living in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. Scott has started to notice that his weight is dropping, however his actual body mass is not. Even if Scott stands on his weight scale with 20 pound weights, he will still weigh the same. He speaks to a friend of his who is a retired doctor and asks his opinion, and continues to consult with him throughout. At the same time Scott appears to be having issues with his new neighbors, who are a married lesbian couple. The couple runs their dog up and down their street, and they often shit on his lawn. This annoys Scott, and when he eventually confronts one of the women, Deirdre, he is met with an icy resolve. The story speaks to the small town mentality that tends to come about when new people move in, and are, different lets say, and how they are viewed.


I really enjoyed this story. It was a quick read, but an impactful one and I highly recommend it.

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