So, I just want to start this off by saying ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR MINDY MCGINNIS. I loved this book from the second I opened it. I have been in such a rut with reading in the last couple of months and this book truly just squashed that.


Mickey Catalan is a star softball player. She eats, breaths and lives the sport. She is in top shape and everyone in the county knows who she is. Everything is going well until the accident. Mickey, along with her best friend and team mate, Carolina, are involved in a collision that leaves Mickey with her hip dislocated, and screws now holding it together. Mickey is looking at a long haul to get back to where she was, and with spring conditioning of her senior year looming she is determined to push herself to be ready for it.

Mickey is prescribed Oxy, for pain. At first it allows her to get through the day and be relatively pain free, but Mickey soon discovers that it gives her a little something extra.. The ability to talk to others and not feel shrouded in anxiety and shyness. While her doctor refuses to continue prescribing the narcotic Mickey meets Edith, an elderly lady who has her ways of rounding up copious amount of the drug and sells it to keep herself going. Mickey’s crutch soon spirals into a full blown addiction and she will do anything to keep this from her teammates and family.

This is a gritty read, and for the most part really opens eyes on just how easy it is to fall into addiction. How much the opioid epidemic is taking lives all over, and just how far someone will go when they can’t go without.


This book comes out on March 12th, and I highly recommend picking it up.

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