This was a really quick listen/read (I can’t get enough of Scribd, honestly) and boy was it friggan creepy. As with all of King’s work all the bad vibes are immediate when Cal and Becky come up on the “Tall Grass”. Becky is pregnant and she and her brother are moving away from the town they grew up in and plan on starting fresh. They take a detour and stop on the roadside in a small town in Kansas, that’s where it all changes. Becky and Cal hear a mother and son yelling from within the tall grass for help, naturally (because if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a story) they enter into the tall grass to attempt to help these people but quickly realize that they have made a huge mistake and one they are definitely going to regret.

If you’re looking for a quick, creepy bit of horror definitely check this one out! I also hear it’s going to be either a film or TV series in the very near future which will be awesome!


What are some of your favorite Stephen King shorts?

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