November Book Haul

So, I have been hit with a miserable case of the winter blues. This time of year always kicks my ass, but this year has been brutal. I have been surviving on audiobooks and naps. I'm working now and having a stint of "not feeling as shitty" so I'm going to try and get a … Continue reading November Book Haul

October Book Haul

Once again my attempt at not buying too many books has failed miserably. I bought way more than I thought I was going to. Between ordering online, and trips to the city I have accumulated quite the haul this month. Not to say that I'm not totally pumped over my purchases but I really need to … Continue reading October Book Haul


So I had a training in St. John's last week and of course my one and only stop was Chapters! I picked up a few new releases that I've been wanting to read! As well as some sequels. I also got the chance to meet the author of a local book, which was pretty cool! … Continue reading JUNE BOOK HAUL